Tuesday, September 15, 2009

an Adventure!

Whenever we're going to do something fun, or if I just want to make it sound fun, or I really have no idea what we're going to do I say, "we're going on an adventure!" So today we went to the Lowry Nature Center.

On the way, Emmett, while examining his leg, declared, "Oh! Mom! Look! I have hair on my leg!" I replied that he is such a big boy! Then then took the opportunity to enforce that now that he has hair on his leg he needs to wear underwear all the time! We'll see how that one goes over!

Inside the nature center we saw a snapping turtle and compared that to a painted turtle ("painting turtle"). We also saw a big snake and a little snake. There were also a variety of taxidermyed animals including a big snapping turtle, various types of owls, a fox, a chipmunk and a gopher.

Then we went outside where we snapped a few pictures.

Apparently Emmett was in the mood to practice for his senior portraits.
"Mommy take a picture of me on this rock."

"on this rock too!"

"And on this rock too"
"Honey, that is called a log."

"Oh, Mommy, take a picture of me on this rock."
"Ok, let me just try a different angle.

"this one too!"

At the animal habitat play area...

On the ropes course type thing...

"Emmett, could you please take a picture of Eisley and me?"

"Sure, I can take one of you and Eisley now!"

Family Picture


Aubrey said...

That looks like it was a great day!

citydweller said...

The last picture is great of you and Emmett! Eisley looks like she is just about to smile.