Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of MOPS

Today was the first day of MOPs for this year. It felt like the first day of school! We survived wonderfully; I didn't get paged out because of a discontent child, there were no wet pants (good job Emmett!) and no biting episodes (Eisley).

Eisley even fell asleep in Heather's arms. Heather knows what Eisley likes and my daughter has always felt comfortable in her arms. Isn't this the sweetest picture?

I couldn't be happier with my table. I really feel that God put us together to be a support and encouragement to each other where each of us are at right now. One thing that gave me goosebumps was when one of the mother's shared a hardship she's recently experienced. Another mother and her son, who had heard about this hardship, had been praying for this other lady. They had never met! How amazing that today they sat at my MOPS table together and could share that with each other. God is Good!

Good old McDonalds for lunch. Emmett made sure he was thoroughly tattooed before going out. Eisley looked like Emmett's arms before left for MOPS this morning. Luckily I left enough time for a quick wipe down.

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