Friday, September 4, 2009

State Fair 2009!

We went to the State fair today! My in-laws invited the kids and me to go the fair with them. The animals were friendly, the food was tasty and the company was lovely. Here are some of the highlights.

Here is the list of food Peter and Cyndi bought for us: mini donuts (good as always), Australian battered potatoes (pretty good, but couldn't eat too many because they were SO greasy), cheese curds (again, good as always), kettle corn (delicious! melt in your mouth, a bit crispy, sweet and salty - yum!), frozen custard (thick and creamy and oh so good), and an Icee for Emmett.

The only thing I could bring myself to spend my own money on was the Sweet Martha's Cookies and Milk. Turns out Eisley likes the cookies as much as her mama! We're going to have to work a bit on her technique though - she wasted way too much chocolate!

And now a flash back comparing State Fair 2009 to State Fair 2008:


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