Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr. Independent, Mr. Indignant and Mr. Inhisbed

These are the stories of three wonderful little personalities of my son: Mr. Independent, Mr. Indignant and Mr. Inhisbed.

Mr. Independent

Mr. Independent fell asleep in the car on his way home. But upon arriving home Mr. Independent awoke with a start and declared, "I don't need to go night night." Despite his mother's best attempts, Mr. Independent was determined to prove himself right, that he indeed did not need a nap. However, his mother was very sleepy and still feeling a bit under the weather so she told Mr. Independent that he could play with his marbles while she rested. After checking that all the doors to outside were locked, Mr. Independent's mother laid down to rest.

Now that Mr. Independent's mother was sleeping, he could do what he does best, be independent. Mr. Independent undressed himself and went potty in the toilet leaving his pants in the bathroom and his underwear in the living room. He then proceeded to put on a pull-up in which he had a bowel movement. After playing with his marbles for a bit and assembling a 48 piece puzzle, all by himself, Mr. Independent wanted to play outside. To his great dismay, the door was locked and he was not tall enough to reach the lock. That did not hinder Mr. Independent. He pulled a kitchen chair over to the front door, unlocked the door and opened it. He then went outside to play. He played with his frisbee and he played with the rocks. As Mr. Independent sat outside, in his pull-up, playing in the rocks, his mother appeared, quite shocked. She asked him what he had been doing, how he had been doing it, and why on earth was he outside with only a pull-up on. Mr. Independent explained all the fun he had had while his mother slept. His mother replied, he "must never go outside without permission again, but good job using the toilet!"

Mr. Indignant

Mr. Indignant does not like to be told what to do, what to wear, where to sit...he really does not like to be toldoes not like to be told anything. When his mother asked him to put on his brown crocs he replied, "I want to wear my blue flip flops." When his mother could not find his blue flip flops she asked again, "Please put on your brown crocs." Mr. Indignant, because he does not like to be told what to do, kicked his crocs and said, "No! I want to wear my blue flip flops." This went back and forth for quite sometime and even discipline was to no avail. Until finally, Mr. Indignant had a momentary change of heart, realized he had a heart of defiance, and resigned to wear his brown crocs.

However, this was not the end for Mr. Indignant. Later in the day, Mr. Indignant and his family went for a lovely bike ride in the countryside. They even stopped to get ice cream. What a treat!

However, when it was time to bike home, Mr. Indignant decided that he did NOT want to ride in the Burley. He did NOT want to ride his bike. He did NOT want to walk. The only thing Mr. Indignant wanted to do was "go home and go night night." What Mr. Indignant did not realize was that in order to "go home to go night night", one actually had to get home. Instead, Mr. Indignant chose to cry and tantrum. Well, that was not an effective method of transportation home. With a little persuasion from Mr. Indignant's father, the crying and tantruming did eventually cease and the family safely returned home. Immediately Mr. Indignant walked up to his room declaring he "needed to go night night" and that "no" he did want want to eat dinner. That was the last that was seen of Mr. Indignant.

Mr. Inhisbed

Mr. Inhisbed's mommy had finished preparing a warm meal for her family when she realized that Mr. Inhisbed was nowhere to be found. His mother walked upstairs, peaked in his room and found this...

Mr. Inhisbed, in his bed, doing what he does best, being in his bed.

Good night love!


citydweller said...

The life of a 2 and 1/2 year old! How scary for you! Are you feeling any better?

Marie said...

Oh Alyssa I love this post. This is one you will read years from now remember precisely what life is like with a two year old. I can relate!