Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Looking for the dart

Eisley tried to eat our unripe grape tomatoes - not as good as our friends' from yesterday.

We went for a family bike ride. Emmett biked the whole way! He does such a good job on his little bike!

I will let these pictures tell you this story of today.

No we never found the dart.

I just have to say that I'm sitting in Emmett's room right now, I do this often when he's having a hard time falling asleep. I say he can't talk to me, but I'd love to sit with him. So here I am lounging in the glider, snuggled in a blanket, listening to the iPod blended with the calm breeze of the fan. I sneak peaks at my darling little boy as he tosses and turns, eyes drifting closed and popping back open, humming along to the music. Sometimes I leave before he falls asleep, sometimes I get to witness the precious moments as he falls asleep. Either way, I just love these silent moments together. Well, they're supposed to be silent. He just told me he wants a motorcycle for his birthday. "Ok sweetie. We'll have to think about that. Good night."

10:02 - He's asleep. Just looking at him brings me peace. I love him.

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Amber said...

I love the pictures looking for the dart... so so cute! Seems like that dart is long gone... but maybe if you get a good rain it will make an appearence!?!?