Friday, May 15, 2009

Wa Wa Ter

I get such a kick out of Emmett's toddler-ease right now. He talks nonstop and many of his words are his own little language - kind of like his Nana, he has a tendency towards making up words! As cute as it is, I've reluctantly started kindly correcting him. For example, when he says "wawa" for water, I ask him if he can say "waTer." Well, somehow "wawa" has now become "Wa Wa Ter." It cracks me up! Here are a few other examples (some corrected and some still adorably original):

Hold me was "Hold you" and is now "Hold you me" but sounds more like "Hodeshoeme"
Bottom is "baba"
Milk is "milt"

Some other cute things he's saying:
  • "Yes Mom" after I ask him to do things (don't kid yourself, it's not every time, but quite frequently"
  • "Would you like to play puzzles with me Mom?" I'll have to listen more closely to his exact pronunciation next time he asks this because I know it's not totally accurate
  • He loves using peoples' names so he'll often ask a question to some one and finish or start or both, with their name
I may have to update this post later - my mind isn't working very clearly and I don't have many examples. But those of you around toddlers can appreciate this stage. Part of me thinks, as a mother and educator of my child, I should be correcting him and teaching him how to speak properly. The other part of my relishes this sweet little toddler-ease cause I know before I know he'll be speaking properly and will no longer need a translator - I mean Mom. :)

Pictures of the day...

Here is how I entertained the kids while I showered...not only showered by shaved half my legs too! I know, what has life come to when you're happy about shaving half your legs? Your life has come to being more about others (your kids) than about yourself and I'm TOTALLY ok with that!

One of my all time favorite sights. Eric and Emmett jamming with their broom guitars and broom microphones.

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