Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Luckily he woke up dry

Updated below with pictures! (5/14)

I made a decision last night that I was sure I was going to regret. Yesterday Emmett was totally excited about not wearing a diaper. He was doing a great job and initiating multiple trips to the bathroom. We had to take a quick trip to my parents' house to pick up Eisley's medication that I had forgotten there earlier. All this time, Emmett was just wearing shorts and underwear. On our way home Emmett fell asleep. When we got home, I tried to wake him to put on a diaper. He mumbled, "sleep in underwear." Against my better judgment I left my sleeping little angel in his bed in only his shorts (oh yes, did I mention he decided shorts were enough, no longer needing underwear either). I went to bed fully prepared to be awoken at some point during the night to change the sheets and mattress pad. To my surprise, when Emmett greeted me this morning (at 5:30) he was dry! We then proceeded directly to the toilet where he emptied his bladder and made the water yellow (of which he's pretty proud). Good job little boy!

Another cute story: I told Emmett that we were going to go to a garage sale. He immediately asked, "buy puzzles?" The reason this is so cute is that a few weeks back I bought him his first real puzzle - where at you might ask? - yes, at a garage sale. It's this darling Thomas puzzle that came in a tin lunch box. Ever since then he's been obsessed with puzzles and has become quite a good puzzle assembler. I love it! So, yes, this garage sale had an assortment of puzzles - I think we bought all of them except the Care Bears one - I had to put my foot down somewhere.

Again, no pictures. I apologize. Maybe I'll post some later!

It's now "later" and here are the pictures you've been waiting for!

Yes, I am that mother...If you look closely at the below picture you may at first glance just see a deliciously adorable little two year old boy. As you study the picture further you may begin to cringe as you notice his footwear. Yes, I am THAT mother - I let my son leave the house wearing slippers - bear slippers at that! We walked to the mail boxes and attended a few garage sales a couple miles down the road. However, I did draw the line and did not take him to Target wearing these slippers. Haha, it cracks me up! I would have never believed you if you had told me years ago I'd be THAT mother! And now I am, and I just love it.

A cute picture of him and a cute picture of her. Man, how did I get so lucky?

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citydweller said...

Emmett is very good at putting puzzles together! I can't wait to see him do the new ones. Cyndi