Thursday, May 7, 2009

So this is a blog?

This is new and interesting! I've never blogged before because I couldn't think of a blog name. I finally thought of a blog name so now I'm blogging.

My concept is this...I'm not a scrapbooker although I wish I was - maybe someday, although today is not the day! One of my friends told me about an easy scrapbooking option called "Project 365". The basic idea is that you take one picture each day and then put a little comment about the picture or the day. It's very straightforward and uncomplicated. Well, it seems a bit too complicated for me to commit to it in paper - but why not try it electronically! So that's what I'm going to do. Each day I will (try) to take a picture and (try to) post it with a small comment. Let's see how this goes! Eisley is crying now, I'll continue later!


citydweller said...

I LOVE it! I have your blog bookmarked so I can check it daily! You are a wonderful mom. Love, Cyndi

Marie said...

Love the blog and the concept Alyssa! You just might inspire me to get back to blogging even if only for my documentation purposes. Eisley is getting so big. Rocking on her hands and knees?! Watch out! I'm so not ready for this again.

Briony said...

I'm very inspired.... One picture everyday? Will I remember to do it? I've been trying to journal, but so far I only write every couple of weeks. Maybe this is a better option since I spend more time at the computer anyway.
Good for you!