Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moments I say I'll never forget

There are moments I say I'll never forget. As they're happening, I focus intently on the emotions, the lighting, the sounds, the expressions, every detail I can possibly take in. For I want to hold on to this moment for as long as I live. I want to pull it back up when things are rough. When my kids are teenagers and no longer ask me to lay in bed with them, or "rock you me one more song." However, I know that as much as I try to engrave these memories in my mind, somehow only a fraction of them will remain. That is why, I often miss these moments as a run to grab my camera. In the attempt to capture digitally so I'll never forget, I find myself missing the moment.

Here are a few moments from yesterday that I didn't not miss and therefore do not have a picture of.

Eric and Emmett are getting ready to wrestle. Emmett is picking out his wrestling clothes (pajamas) which consist of his blue "wrestling shirt" - because it has a dog lifting bar-bells on it. Then he needs to do his "wrestling hair" - now this is his father's idea. Emmett is standing on the sink in Eric's bathroom as Eric sprays conditioner all over Emmett's hair. "Don't you want to smell like a wrestler?" Eric asks? Emmett waits patiently as Eric comes all of Emmett's hair back - slicked back. Then Eric turns Emmett around to face the mirror, "Do you like your wrestling hair?", "Yeth" Emmett proudly proclaims! They proceed into our bedroom where squeals of joy and words of affirmation are exchanged as the boys jump and pounce all over our bed. Things eventually become a bit whiny and Eric says, "It's time for bed." This is NOT what Emmett wanted to hear. But my amazing husband - Emmett's tender father does not reprimand. Instead, Eric says, "Do you want to hear a wrestling story?" So, they lay down on the bed, (so I assume, I'm listening to all this while in our loft, so I can not actually see anything, I'm just absorbing it all audibly). I then hear a story about "Emmett the Elephant" (the name that Emmett had given his wrestling character earlier) and La Tigre (Eric's wrestling name, as given by Emmett was "Eric the Tiger". And for those of you wondering, my wrestling name was Mommy the Leopard!). Anyway, Eric continues to tell Emmett the story of how Emmett the Elephant triumphed over La Tigre. It was then time for bed. During which I heard bits and pieces of another wrestling story. How I love this man. How I love this boy. How I love their interactions. My heart is happy.

Now for pictures of the day!

We went from 40s yesterday (I don't really know how cold it was, but it felt really cold) to 80s today! I got sunburned and luckily the kids did not.

Emmett loves his basil, "This MY basil?", "I love my basil" - while giving it a hug. Thank you MOPS for giving us pots and basil. We're praying as we water and watch it grow. Fabulous gift!
At our MOPS park playdate. Emmett is hitting on Sophie - he's using his charm to procure some Cheetos! And Eisley is trying to eat Woodland creature food - too much time spent around MckMama!
Emmett fell asleep on the 2 minute drive home. I thought it was so cute how he had his legs propped up.
Side note: Today Emmett was TOTALLY uninterested in using the toilet. During our diaperless morning he urinated on the carpet twice! Didn't even try to make it to the bathroom. He'd just stand there and say, "I'm going potty!" And then, he wanted to wear big boy underwear to the park this afternoon. I let him. (I know, you're all shaking your heads). We arrived at the park and he exclaimed, "I'm going potty on the rocks" - his pants are soaking. We get home and again, he is standing on the drive way and says, "I'm going potty!" Seriously boy! I thought we were making such progress! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

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