Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freezies in the Freezing Cold

Papa is such a good sport! These two spent I don't know how long playing outside in the freezing cold. And to top it off, at a freezie pop in the freezing cold! Only a Papa would do such things for his grandson.

I got a haircut today (pictures to follow). I love it! During the cut Eric brought the kids over to his parents' house to begin the festivities. Nothing special, just a wonderful day of Papa and Grandma loving up the kids. I guess Eisley kinda freaked out when they first arrived at the grandparents' house. She is very much in a "mama" stage right now. We decided she has to go over there more often so she becomes more comfortable being there. A combination of not having Mama and now knowing exactly where she was must have thrown her for a loop. Who knew a 6 month old could be that observant!?

Unsuccessfully attempting #2...

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Marie said...

Can't wait to see the cut Alyssa! I also feel like Greta has recently entered a bit of a new phase where she needs to know where Mom is. If I set her down and she sees me walk away she will often cry. I'm hopeful she will grow out of this phase soon!