Thursday, May 21, 2009

Riding the hippo

We started off the day with a playdate with our MOPS friends.

Here Emmett is pushing his friend Kate in the swing. Kate and her twin brother Zachary are Emmett's grown up friends. They are 4 years old and Emmett really admires them!

A picture of Emmett riding the hippo - May 2009

Emmett riding the hippo - May 2008
After the park we began our 5 hour drive to the cabin with Uncle Eli. The kids did mostly great. Eisley only slept about 45 minutes which made the remaining 4 hours and 15 minutes a bit of a challenge. She really did quite well all things considered. The funny thing was that on our drive home (I'm actually writing this blog 5/27) Elias realized that the tooth and jaw pain that he had attributed to indulgent sugary eating was actually caused by the stressful drive to the cabin :). Doesn't look like my kids will have cousins on my side of the family any time soon! Haha!

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