Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I go potty standing up!

Breaking News...
Emmett ripped off his diaper and ran into the bathroom yelling, "I go potty in toilet." After a few unsuccessful attempts at climbing up onto the toilet he (while standing on the little stool) remained standing and urinated! "I go potty standing up, potty in toilet, come and see it Mommy!"
I haven't been too thrilled at the idea of my little boy standing to go to the bathroom, but seeing how excited he was to successfully have aimed into the bowl, I may just go with it. Maybe toss a couple cheerios in there as targets and embrace a standing urinating toddler!
Since I've been writing this blog, he's maybe gone 7 more times. Haha!

Am I allowed to post a picture like this?


Meredith said...

Way to go Emmett! That is quite the accomplishment! We're celebrating with you from a distance! :)

citydweller said...

Yeah, Emmett! Grandma is so proud!