Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She never stops smiling & Crazy playdate

Updated with pictures (5.15.09)

One thing about Eisley is her smile is always at the tip of her lips. Poor little thing has a double ear infection, fever, snotty nose, productive cough and her first diaper rash - she's miserable. But, the second her brother makes a silly face or starts singing her a song that toothy grin opens right up. She is a happy happy little girl.

So the diaper rash it TOTALLY my fault and I feel so bad. Emmett was horribly allergic to anything but Huggies, and particularly Target brand. Well last night, during Eisley 2 hour awake/sick/crying period I was downstairs with her when she had a dirty diaper. My downstairs stash of her diapers was all out so I used one of my nanny boy's Target diapers. It turns out, Eisley's sensitive skin takes after her brother's and her tender little bottom is bright red. From now on, I'll make the trek upstairs even if it's the middle of the night, to fetch my darling girl a proper diaper.

Summary of our day for which pictures will come later since I took them with my dad's camera and haven't imported them yet. We had a playdate at my mom's house with two of my mom's friends and their kids/grandkids. There were three little boys, almost exactly a year apart - 1.5 years (whom I would describe, quiet spirited), 2.5 years (Emmett, whom I would describe as spirited) and 3.5 years (whom I would describe as high spirited). It was an interesting and tiring morning, but so fun to see these little guys interact and play together. One of the women is from India so I had a great time chatting with her about cultural differences and learning about her life here. Needless to say, it made me much more grateful to be close to family and not raising my kids in a foreign country. This woman is very strong and is leaning on the Lord heavily. I will be praying that God will give her a strong support network and will be her comfort.

The three darling little boys

Tell me, have you ever seen a sweeter smile?

Thank you Lord for my darling kids - for Eisley's tireless smile and Emmett's tireless energy :)

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