Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mom, you look cute!

"Mom, you look cute" is what Emmett said to me this morning as I was getting dressed! Then he said, "cute shoes" and "cute white shirt!" What a doll! It totally made my morning. Later in the day as I attempted to assemble his water sink (assembling was successful but getting it to work was not successful...details to follow... oh, and I'll also tell you why he's wearing a suit...):

So back to my story...As I'm assembling this sink he says to me, "Mommy, you did it all by yourself?" I said, "yes" He said, "Good girl Mommy! You did it all by yourself!" And then gave me a big hug and kiss! I have two thoughts about this darling encounter. 1) I was quite irritable about 20 seconds before this took place. He was trying to help me and although I try to allow him to help me most of the time, this was one of the times when I didn't have the patience. I was struck by his outpouring of love during my lack. 2) It's encouraging to think that this behavior could be a model of how I treat him. Cause, I have to admit there have been times when his reflection of my behavior has not been positive. That's the beauty of a 2 year old. They often reflect your behavior and it can either be a wake-up call or a little pat on the back. "Pat pat" for me today!

So now, the explanation about this suit!

This morning as we're getting ready for church I began dressing Eisley first. Emmett tells me, "I go get my clothes Mommy." He had picked out his suit (which we bought for my brother's wedding last summer) and a pair of jeans saying "I wear this" (holding up the jeans) "with this" (holding up the suit). So I said, "how about you wear your blazer with jeans?" Trying to diffuse the entire suit wearing. He said, "I wear blazer with my blazer pants." I tried to encourage a different outfit a couple times, but he was pretty set on the "blazer" and "blazer pants" since they are "a match" to use my son's words. So needless to say, he was the stimulus for many smiles this morning at church.

As you can see, we had fun playing in the water and Emmett made sure not to leave Eisley out. What you can't see from this picture is that Eisley is wet.

It was a wonderful day and I'm totally rejuvenated by this 70 degree weather!

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Marie said...

How precious! I have a feeling Lauren is a long way off from saying "Mom, you look cute." I'll be sure to let you know when that happens. =) Keep up the blogging Alyssa - I love it!