Friday, May 29, 2009

Date with Papa and Grandma

Emmett and Eric went out with Eric's parents, Peter and Cyndi, aka Papa and Grandma. They went to see the new movie "Up" in 3D! I've been told that Emmett did a great job sitting through the movie and ate more than his fair share of popcorn and soda pop. However, he did not want to wear his 3D glasses. But he did get to see on a booster seat in the theater! Did you even know they had such a thing?

After the movie, Eisley and I met the gang and Noodles. Emmett, the aspiring photographer took the following pictures...And a warning, Emmett is an artist not concerned with taking flattering pictures of his subjects so we'll all just have to swallow our pride and embrace Emmett's artistry...

Pictures I took of Eisley's darling little (happy) expressions.

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