Saturday, May 30, 2009

There's a new park in our neighborhood

We discovered that we can walk to the new park that was just put in on the other side of highway 212. There's a path that goes under the highway. It's really fun! Here are pictures from our trek.

Eric triked the whole way!
Eisley was loving it!
Doesn't he look as happy as can be?
Eisley and I going down the slide.
Action shot!
Emmett was wearing big boy underwear and so we were really worried there would be an accident. A bit before this picture was taken, Eric took Emmett over the tree so that he could try to go potty (don't worry, no one else was at the park). Emmett said he didn't have to go and he didn't go. A little while later he walked away, towards the tree. I told Eric, "can you please go help him!" So, this is a picture of Eric running after Emmett. He's so cute - they both are!
This was a really fun spinning thing...
Emmett looking at the caterpillar. I have a little video that I may upload later. Yes, he was still scared of it!
This morning I helped my dear MOPS friend pack to move to WI. Here's just a few of the people who came to help. We had a great time but will miss Crystal so much!

Ted and Jill with their kids Lucy, Ruby and Halle, Angela in white and Crystal in black.

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