Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Freezing day at the Rose Gardens with Grandma

"I'm SO excited to see Grandma" exclaimed Emmett as we got into the car to go to "Grandma's work" (her nanny family's house). I'm just glad that I turned around to get coats for the kids because the walk through the rose gardens was a tad chilly! Here we are about to embark upon our journey. Eisley and baby Eric are just about 2 weeks apart. We always call him "baby Eric" so that he doesn't get confused with the Daddy version with the same name :).

Eisley being a super sitter.
Emmett learned about snapdragons.
If these eyes don't say exhausted I don't know what does!It turns out Eisley is really social and really aggressive - I mean assertive. Either that or she REALLY likes baby Eric!One of my all time favorite sites - my babies playing together.

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