Thursday, November 5, 2009

Out of it

I feel so out of it lately. Today is MOPS and it's come as a complete surprise. I normally look forward and practically count the days till MOPS, but not this week. I've had too much else on my mind. First of all, the wonderful stuff on my mind is that my sister-in-law is in town with her kids. So obviously that is keeping us busy. But the bad stuff on my mind is that my friend's son, Stellan, is in the hospital with a heart condition. It's practically consuming my everything thought. I don't feel present in my daily life. I didn't even take a picture today! :)

However, MOPS was fabulous as always. The woman spoke on marriage. People keep mentioning the book Sacred Marriage. I've got to read that! Also, she challenged us to make a 30 day commitment not say anything negative to your husband. Instead, each day, say one positive thing. I like that challenge. I'm going to do it.

Instead of looking at pictures of today, we will take a glance back at one year ago today. A year ago today we were celebrating the birth of Jammie's daughter, Aviel. I was only a mother of one.

Emmett didn't yet have a sister. Instead he was enjoying his friends'.

My tummy was much larger and much firmer :)
And I had no idea how much a heart can grow, how much bigger my smile could get and how much joy having two children could be. I had no idea just how blessed I would be in a mere 5 more days.

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