Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have a little girl

My sweet little girl.

It's starting to become more and more real to me. I have a little girl! a GIRL! It's so much fun! Maybe you'd disagree, but I didn't think there was a huge difference between a boy infant and a girl infant - aside from the whole anatomy and different diaper changing techniques thing. But as my sweet little daughter is getting older, her feminine side is showing more and more and it is so much fun.

Here are a few of the girlish things I love about Eisley...or maybe they're just Eisley things, not specifically girly at all. Either way, they're things I love about her:

She has always been quite dainty and holds her fingers out as if everything around is a bit dirty.
She squishes up her nose and sniffles

She LOVES any kind of wipe or tissue. She wipes her face, she wipes your face, she wipes the table, the couch the floor. She'll carry it around all day.
She finds the tiniest little thing on the ground and has impeccable fine motor skills to pick it up as well.

Her emotions run high and strong!

A few "girly" thoughts without pictures:
- Today she carried her new baby doll to bed with her
- She has enough hair that a hair clippie can actually grab onto something - I even made a little clip of hair stick up! I'll have to photograph that tomorrow.
- When I put the hair clip in her hair she just beamed at me! It was like she was say, "Mommy, I look SO pretty!"
- We have her a necklace for her birthday. Eric said as he was cleaning her up after eating cake, she would look at herself in the mirror, touch her necklace and smile.
- From a very early age, whenever you hold her, she'll pat you on the back. Just like I always pat her on the back. I love it!
- When being held facing in (chest to chest) she stretches out her left arm up and towards my shoulder. Her right arm reaches down and around my arm. She always lays like this on me as I hold her before bedtime. It's precious.

I love my little girl and pray daily that she will grow to love and serve the Lord in everything she does.

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citydweller said...

I agree Eisley is a beautiful little Girl! And we are praying along with you that she would grow to be a woman of God.