Saturday, November 7, 2009

Haaland Farm

We spent the weekend at Eric's Uncle and Aunt's farm. Emmett was originally quite disappointed to hear that there were no animals, but quickly found lots of other fun things to do.
Their house was originally a barn which they turned into a house by themselves! It is beautiful! Eisley was especially enamored by the spiral staircase.
I'm gonna stop talking/typing for a while now and let you just enjoy the photos. I think they perfectly communicate what an amazing time we had.

The adobe pizza oven.

This picture (below) requires some talking. Amber and I have been wanting to make handmade dolls for our girls during her visit here to MN. We had originally thought it would be a fun project to bring up to the farm. But since we're up there so briefly, we decided not to worry about buying fabric and toting our sewing machines up there. While we're at the farm we start chatting to Amber's cousin, Chelsa, about our desire to make a doll. She said, "hold on, I'll be right back." She was going to look for muslin but instead found these amazing hand embroidered dolls that she had embroidered and cut out years earlier. She hadn't done anything with them and so she gave them to us! We spent a couple hours in her sewing room sewing, chatting, marveling over how perfectly this worked out, and learning sewing secrets from Chelsa and her mom, Sherrin. The whole experience could not have been more perfect. Not only do we have treasured memories of our time spent together we also have these amazing hand sewn, hand embroidered dolls for our daughters. What a gift.

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