Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Captured smiles

Emmett is such a loving brother. He was especially loving to Eisley today. Eisley has been a bit under the weather, not sure what's going on, but just overall cranky and wanting to be held all the time. So I am much appreciative of Emmett's additional concern and love towards her. Today he sat down next to her and insisted I take their picture. Seriously, when he first asked, I told him my camera wasn't handy. But he kept asking me to take his picture, so eventually I went to get my camera and here's a few of what I captured. Too bad the background is Emmett's messy closet. But with smiles this big and eyes this blue, one hardly notices the background...right? :)

I love having two kids.

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Amber said...

CUTE! I miss them already!! And I love Eisley's outfit! Where is that from?