Monday, November 23, 2009

Day #2 of the 3 day 3rd birthday

Totally unintentionally, it turns out Emmett's 3rd birthday party celebration is lasting 3 days! How fun!

11/22, Day 1, Birthday Party Day:
Friend and family birthday party!
11/23, Day 2, Birthday Eve:
Family present opening because Eric works Tuesday nights.
11/24, Day 3, Birth Day:
Emmett's actual birthday. Not totally sure what this day will consist of, but since it's his actual birthday I figure we have to do something kinda special. I plan on making pancakes in the morning (which actually isn't that rare) but maybe I'll put chocolate chips in them or something. I guess we'll all have to wait till tomorrow's post to see what we did!

Here's my "not me Monday" moment:
Today I did not take a very rare moment alone in the bathroom upstairs while the kids played downstairs. While upstairs I did not hear many small things drop onto the ground followed by, "Mommy, blah blah, blah, blah, blah." And then I most certainly did not respond, "Oh ok, sweetie. I'll be right down." And of course, being the responsible mother and caregiver I am, I would never have taken my time finishing up while my son continued to holler, "Mommy, blah blah blah..." (however for the record, he really wasn't sounding frantic). So when I finally came downstairs (and for the record, I really wasn't up there that long, don't want you all getting the wrong idea) I most definitely did not find my daughter "dripping gum"...

...oh and of course, I did not run to get my camera before doing the extraction...
...and most definitely did NOT pull this out of her mouth...

Other highlights of the day...

George needed a piggy back ride.

Emmett got really fabulous gifts from friends and family last night. One of these gifts was a set of scissors and a cutting activity book. Emmett did a great job on page 1!

Emmett got his first "bideo dame", Wii Resort, from his dad, although he did tell Eric that "Mommy got this for Emmett aaaaand Daddy", sure, I'll take the credit! I watched him play, and man, if he plays this game too often he's going to be burning way too many calories. This kid really gets into it. It's adorable! Maybe this generation will never know the era of couch potato video games!

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Amber said...

I am dripping with anticipation to find out what you put in the pancakes for breakfast tomorrow... and I SUPER love that last picture of Emmett and the Not Me... too funny... that is a LOT of gum!