Monday, November 2, 2009

Eisley's birthday necklace

As I was showering today, Eisley was exploring the cabinets under my sink. One of the things she got into was a small green velvet jewelry box that safely stores all of the precious items of jewelry I got from my grandmother growing up; tiny little gold rings with my initial, or a birthstone or a delicate jewel. There are also necklaces and charms. I LOVED getting jewelry from my grandmother on each special occasion and it dawned on me, that I get to give my little daughter jewelry if I so wish! How fun! She actually got her first piece of jewelry from her Great Grandmother (Eric's mom's mom) this past Christmas. It is a darling little pink pearl necklace. Eisley (I) absolutely loves it. As she (I) opened it, the memories of the jewelry gifts from my grandmother came racing back.

So it's time Eric and I give Eisley a little piece of jewelry, and hopefully this will start a tradition.

A friend of a friend's daughter has this darling necklace made out of Baltic Amber. She purchased it from Inspired by Flynn. Not only are they adorable, but they also help with teething (not for chewing on) but just by the natural substance of the stones (natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory). You can read more about it here.

If you're interested in getting one too, they will be sending me a discount code for 15% off which I will post soon.

So now all I have to do it check with my husband and make sure it's ok. Eric, what do you think? :)


citydweller said...

I love it! What a pretty color... and my name is in it :)I think it's a great idea... and it helps with teething??? How cool is that!

citydweller said...

Oh that is from me... Amber... I forgot I was on my mom's computer :)