Saturday, November 21, 2009


I felt like Cinderella today, but I never got to go to the ball, I just did all the cleaning. However, it wasn't just me. Eric and I cleaned all day in preparation for Emmett's little birthday party tomorrow. We rarely do a deep cleaning - just when we're going to have lots of guests over - so we took this opportunity to really clean. Of course, Eric and I both have the tendency to clean/organize things that don't really matter. For example, I organized the linen closet, organized the laundry room, brought my tubs of maternity clothes out to the garage to make more room in our house, went through my maternity clothes to get rid of some things, and organized the coat closet. I caught Eric organizing his DVDs and rearranging DVD players and our one DTV converter box. However, we also did a few things that a visitor might notice such as, we (finally) hung pictures of Eisley (how sad, she's already a year and we are just now putting up pictures of her), replaced a few burned out light bulbs, and filed through paperwork (so there aren't piles sitting in our entry way). And of course we also did the classic vacuuming, dusting, wiping counter tops and doing dishes. It was a highly productive day.

Did I mention I also met a high school best friend for a play date with her daughter? I also made more cake pops for Emmett's party (I got the idea from my friend who made them for her daughter's birthday, I then made them for my mother-in-law's birthday and am now making them for my son's birthday!) Yes, I think I got alot done today. Can't even remember if I took any pictures. That's ok because I'll take plenty tomorrow at Emmett's party! Ok, now to bed.


Jolene said...

Wow, that is a productive day! Hope the Birthday party goes well!

Sarah said...

That is so funny b/c whenever we are about to have people over I clean closets!!! It's so weird. It's not like anyone will notice that my closets are clean & organized, but I like them to be when company is over! :)