Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kingdom Army

This is my knight in shining armor. He always refers to himself as being in the "kingdom army." I have no idea where he got that from, Eric doesn't know either. It's pretty cute though!

I had a great idea to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece out of little pumpkins and fresh flowers. I did it years ago and they turned out so cute. The only problem was that I never got fresh flowers. I still thought it would be a fun idea so I searched my house for something we could use instead. I found some silk flower leaves which I attached to wooden floral pegs (I do wedding flowers which I why I had these pegs sitting around. However, I rarely use silk so only had a few random leaves sitting around). Then I made "ribbon flowers" out of ribbon (obviously). The kids had a blast! They kept saying, "I like this craft!" They didn't turn out very beautiful, but isn't really about the final product at this age. I'd say, based solely on theenthusiasm during the process, that this craft was a huge success!

And the babies played with silk flowers.

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