Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just for documentation purposes. Here are a few of the latest things our kids are up too.

Emmett latest:
  • I was on the computer when I heard loud music coming from Emmett's room. He told me it was "Sonshine" music, which was specifically Switchfoot. There he was in his room jumping around, dancing and working up a quite a sweat. Eisley was in there with him. It was quite darling. I brought my laundry in there so I could be part of the concert. He began jumping on and off his bed. Once he jumped off his bed onto his ottoman which then catapulted him off onto the floor. He rolled over and I ran to him to see if he was ok. He said, "I'm ok. No owies. I just did a summer roll."
  • Instead of saying "later" he always says "tolater." I'm guessing it stems from "until later" or "for later". It's really cute
  • Emmett is very into acting like a lion, roaring and showing you his claws.
  • If he doesn't want something, including discipline, he'll say, "no thanks!"
  • Still is very into wild animals and being a rock star
  • He enjoys playing with trains, puzzles, legos/duplos, wild animals (schleich animals), hot wheels, playdoh, battling while wearing his armor
Eisley's latest:
  • Says "thank you", it's actually "tay tdoo". She's been doing this for quite a few weeks. She'll just walk around handing you things and saying, "tay tdue" or if you give her something she'll say it as well.
  • Today Emmett was being a lion at church. He was crawling around on all fours roaring at people. We asked Eisley if she could be a lion too. She dropped down onto her hands and knees and started roaring just like Emmett. It was too cute for words!
  • "choo choo" when she plays with trains
  • "mama", "dada"
  • "aroo" for hello
  • she likes to put things on her head - underwear, scarves, hats, blankets
  • she loves to dig through the baskets of sippy cups and lids and tries to put the lids on the cup


citydweller said...

Good to know for Tuesday!

Zajac Family said...

So cute! Nice job documenting some of these adorable words and will be so fun for you to look back on and remember these someday!