Friday, November 27, 2009

Cousins, Bonk and Sleep-over

Warning: These next couple pictures will make you cringe. While playing with my two darling cousins, Emily (7 years old) and Lydia (almost 6), Emmett ran into the corner of the ping pong table. Turns out this sort of injury looks much worse than it is. Phew! Eric and I were freaking out!

Turns out, my head looked similar when I was his age:

And pre-bonk, the cousins were hard at work making beautiful masterpieces.

And they also attempted a sleep-over, but when Emmett turned into a lion and was crawling around under my parents' bed and roaring at his sleeping grandfather, he got taken back down to the lion cave with Eric and I. We didn't mind though, we really enjoy snuggling with our 3 year old little boy. He won't want to snuggle with us for long. We've got to enjoy it while we can!


citydweller said...

It looks SO painful! I hope he is ok!

Marie said...

Oh my! I definitely would have been freaking out. How crazy to find a nearly identical photo from your childhood. Hope Emmett is feeling better!