Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big kid toys with little kids around

Emmett really enjoys focused activities. He loves building towers. He can do a puzzle in record time and will do it over and over. He can build and play with train tracks endlessly. He loves lining up his animals all in a row. Overall, he is not overly orderly, but when he chooses to focus on an activity, he focuses very intently. As you can imagine, adding a little sister to the mix can cause quite a bit of distress. So, sometimes, while Emmett is building his masterpieces tower..

...Eisley simply has to be confined somewhere else.

I'd welcome any creative ideas on how to juggle big kid activities with little kids around. It's been a bit of a struggle for me! Do I tell Emmett he can't do his big kid games with the babies around? That he can only play with toys that Eisley can also play with? That just doesn't seem fair. Do we only do them when the babies are napping? We sometimes do it while the babies are in their high chair having a snack, but that only lasts so long. Once Eisley has gone to bed at night, we often pull out the trains and puzzles. I imagine it will only get worse if we keep having kids and the bigger kids' toys keep getting smaller (right now they're Duplos but soon they'll be Legos!). One more thing, Emmett often wants my help and attention while he's working on his big kid toys, otherwise I'd take the babies upstairs and just let him play, but of course that doesn't work! Let me know how you get creative!

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