Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"You've got your hands full"

Today I'm feeling like I have my hands full. People say that to me all the time and my first feeling is, "I only have 2 kids, how could I possibly have my hands full?" But then my mom reminded me that when people say that, they are thinking back to their experience with young kids and regardless of how many kids you have, your hands are full. Yes, you are right mom. So tonight, someone said to me, "wow, you've got your hands full" and my response was "Yes, I do!"

We were at the mall with my dad trying to return my phone (which we didn't actually end up returning). As we're waiting in line for the T-mobile people, Emmett and Eisley are running around like wildmen. And yes, both of them were running. Eisley has discovered that she can walk, and there is nothing stopping her. She still crawls sometimes, but she is moving full speed ahead with this new walking thing. They were tackling each other, wrestling and rolling all over the floor. Emmett was giving Eisley raspberries on her bare tummy. Emmett was jumping off the bench. He flipped a stool upside down and climbed on top of the "statue." Emmett found a little push cart sitting somewhere, Eisley crawled up and sat on it, so Emmet began pushing her all around. Before my father or I could blink, Eisley was standing up and Emmett was racing her full speed ahead towards the glass railing. Thank goodness, my dad intervened just in the nick of time as I was hollering, "stop!!!" while attempting to understand why I should be $2 per month in case they sold me a "defective" phone - are you kidding me? I turned it down. It was seriously like someone had given these two children shots of straight caffeine - is that even possible? I was sweating up a storm and just about to lose it! The kind young women (that makes me sound old, doesn't it?) who had been watching this originally, "She is just gorgeous" about Eisley and a little bit later added, "You've got your hands full" to which I responded, "yes I do!"

My feelings as of tonight.

About Emmett: I've heard from numerous people that the "terrible twos" aren't as bad as the "terrible threes." Based on tonight's experience, there may be some truth to this, I'm really hoping not though!

About Eisley: This girl is going to give me a run for my money! I've got my hands full with her. She already throws tantrums like a 2 year old. She is active if not more so than Emmett. And like a typical 2nd child seems to have diminished respect for authority.

About my kids: I love them more than I've ever known I could love someone/thing. I must remain diligent in my prayers that I will be a good mother to both of them. That I will give them love in the way they will understand and receive it and also that I will give them discipline in the way that they will understand and receive it. I desire that my children will have a heart of obedience. Dear Lord help me!!!

My hands were too full today to hold a camera, but I did have my awesome new phone with me! I linked my phone to my computer via bluetooth in order to get this picture onto my computer. My dad would be so proud - Dad, do you even read my blog?

Anyway, here is the picture Emmett wanted me to take of him.

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Amanda said...

I agree, three is harder than two, but four is much easier! I've had many similar experiences.... hang in there:)