Monday, October 19, 2009

Not me Monday!

First of all, I totally did not do this post, just to be eligible for my friend's giveaway on Nope, I'm not that desperate to win a prize!

Anyway, earlier this week, I totally did NOT agree to buy my son an Icee so that he would use a public bathroom. And even if I had, the situation would NOT have been this pathetic:

Emmett: "Mommy, I need to go potty."
Me: Ok sweetie, let's go to the bathroom. Which stall would you like to use?"
Emmett: "Not this one, not this one, not this one, not this one."
Me: "Sweetie, you need to choose a bathroom. I will count to 3 and if you haven't chosen a bathroom by the time I'm done counting, then Mommy will choose a bathroom for you. 1...2...3...Ok, we are going to use this stall."
Emmett: while falling onto the ground crying. "I don't need to go potty anymore."
Me: "Emmett, you asked to go potty so I know you have to go. Please stand up and Mommy will help you."
Emmett: "I don't need to go potty anymore!"
Me: "Ok, you're going to stand here and take a timeout for your ridiculous behavior. After you're done with your timeout it will be your turn to go potty."
Repeat above scene 3 times
Me: Exhasperated. "Ok Emmett. If you go potty, we can go get a cookie."
Emmett: Pause to think. "If I go poopoo I get an Icee."
Me: Ok, if you go poopoo AND if you're good for the rest of our trip to Target, then on our way out of the store I will get you an Icee.

Emmett got an Icee.

But of course, this scenario was NOT how I parent. I would never let my child manipulate me like that and I would NOT reward him after such an outburst.

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