Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk 'n Treat!

We spent this Halloween with family. The best way to spend any holiday - really the best way to spend any day at all!

Eisley holding my grandpa's hand. Such a precious photo.
My grandma holding Eisley.
Eisley at our church Trunk 'n Treat event, trying to eat a Butterfinger. She did eventually tear it open!

As a new little walker, this was the cutest costume ever. Her 8 little legs swayed back and forth adorably as she walked.
Emmett and his cousin Wyatt. Both are "wild animals" which Emmett was pretty excited about!
My sweet little lion. However, after I painted his face, he looked in the mirror and declared, "a mouse!" "It's not a mouse, it's a lion. Does that look like a mouse? Did I do it wrong?" Oh well!
Eisley and her cousin Icyle
Emmett and I were the narrators in the skit Eric wrote. It was fabulous!
And Eric was the lead :)
The kids in the chaos of the trunk 'n treating.
Family photo.
Extended family photo. Isn't this a great one!
My little lion with his slap bracelet.
Eric took the boys out trick or treating in our neighborhood.
Emmett came home with rosy cheeks and a bag full of candy!
I've become quite a fan of trick or treating. It's a great lesson in obedience, waiting your turn, and saying "thank you!" Eric took Emmett out trick or treating house to house for the first time this year. Emmett did a great job and I consider it a wonderful use of a teachable moment :).

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