Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me Monday!

When I started potty training Emmett, I heard of kids who got so used to the potty chair, that they couldn't/wouldn't go in the toilet. Well, that certainly would not be my child. Emmett early on learned how to climb up onto the toilet and do his business precariously straddled across the seat. So as Emmett has become more independent at doing ALL his business in the toilet, I most certainly did not go out and by 3 more "teddy bear potty chairs" when I found them cheap on Craigslist because it makes Emmett "more comfortable". I am not the kind of mother who would buy such a crutch for my son (let alone 3, one for each bathroom and one for Nana's house) and enable his dependency on something other than a good old fashioned toilet. And I would never drool over the pink version and think we may need a 5th one, a pink one, for Eisley when it's her time. Not me!

Have you ever not gone looking for your children when there's total quiet for fear that you may disrupt them, instead you'd rather just suffer the consequences and enjoy this one free moment of peace? Yeah, me either. I have never walked into the kitchen to see tupperware drawer empty and all the baggies strewn across the floor and then turn my back, walk away and just let it happen because the child is content. That would be totally irresponsible and creating much more work than it's worth. I have definitely never changed my daughter's diaper to discover a rainbow of BM apparently created by the crayons she was eating, which would also explain the green coloring of her teeth. I always keep a very close eye on my kids, and would always stop them from eating a crayon(s) if I saw it happening, and would never leave crayons laying around the house free to be eaten.

Oh and one more, do you ever read your friend's "not me" post only to think, "I do that all the time, it doesn't even warrant a 'not me' in this house. I thought that was totally normal." Yeah, I haven't thought that either. Not me!

And finally, I most definitely did not encourage my kids to go outside and play in the snow with the primary intention of snapping fabulously adorable pictures. Nope, not me, I am not that desperate for a cute picture! But if I did, here's what the pictures could have been like...

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