Wednesday, October 28, 2009

at home shopping

Today the kids "went shopping" at our house. They shopped for groceries, gourds and of course..

..."bideo dames."
How cute is this?

Side note, it really bugs me that the color changes so drastically when I upload the photos to blogger. Anyone know what I can do about that?


Claire said...

What cute pictures! And I love that owl shirt!


arminda said...

I just happened upon your blog from MckMama's. :) Use Flickr to upload your pictures and they will give you codes to post them on your blog. Much better than uploading through Blogger in my opinion! :)

the ref said...

I too found your blog through MckMama! Great pictures! You have your hands full as well. We have 4 kids ages 9,7,5, and 2. Come visit us when you get a moment!

Alison said...

Love the owl shirt! So sweet!