Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wedding Coordinating

I spent the entire day at our church coordinating a wedding. To be totally honest, I wasn't looking forward to it. I really treasure our weekends and our time together as a family. However, as I was looking over my notes in preparation I started to get excited to be part of this couple's day. The groom wrote and recorded the processional music and also wrote and performed a song for the bride. The couple also did a feet washing ceremony instead of a unity candle to symbolize their covenant to be servants to one another. It was a beautiful day. I even got a chance to do flowers - the bridal bouquet arrived and was a bit disappointing. I tweaked it and the mother of the bride couldn't have been more happy - and no one else even knew what had happened. After 8 hours of being on my feet, I was exhausted but really had a great time. I came home to a happy family, but they were also happy to see me, which made me happy! Although I do enjoy doing other things, there's nothing I love more than my family.

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