Monday, October 12, 2009

Hand Sanitizer

I bought hand sanitizer for my purse today. You will soon find out why.

I am SO proud of Emmett. I would consider him potty trained. At least for the time-being. So when we're out in public and he asked to go to the bathroom things get really interesting. Especially when you throw Eisley into the mix.

So picture this. Emmett has to go to the bathroom. We scope out the closest bathroom and park our cart outside the door. Emmett wants to use the men's room, I insist that the "Women and family and big boy" room is our only option. After much debate we make our way into the "Women and family and big boy" room. Then we have to pick a stall. The handicapped stall would be ideal for our group of 3 but the "big toilet" is a bit intimidating so instead, after much deliberation, Emmett chooses the perfect stall.

He then removes his shoes, removes his pants, removes his underwear and often also removes his coat and/or socks. Keep in mind, he's doing this by himself, while sitting on the ground, because I'm holding Eisley. It is a continual internal struggle - do I put Eisley down on the filthy ground and risk her crawling out under the stall, grabbing the edge of the toilet, attacking the toilet paper roll, in order to help Emmett. Or do I hold Eisley and let Emmett sit on the floor to remove his clothes, climb alone up onto the toilet putting his hands all over the seat that many people don't even let their behinds touch. So I usually start out holding Eisley and let Emmett do things on his own. By the time he's done going to the bathroom, the thought of him sitting on the ground, bare bottomed, to get his clothes back on is a bit more than I can bare. So I squat down, pin Eisley between my leg and the door so that she will remain standing, and attempt to help Emmett reclothe. Emmett then flushes the toilet, which requires him covering his ears, and he prefers if I cover my ears too, but usually only one ear since my other hand is holding Eisley, or Emmett or both. So now, it should be over, but it's not. Because, given the previous scenario, it is really important that Emmett washes his hands. However, because I'm still holding Eisley, it is practically impossible to hold Eisley, hold Emmett, turn on the water, squirt out the soap, lather Emmett's hands and rinse Emmett's hands with only my two hands. So when I do attempt to wash Emmett's hands, the actual effectiveness of it is subpar. Which, is why...I bought hand sanitizer for my purse today.

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citydweller said...

I know! I love places where I can at least bring in the cart! Of course that is if you know before or after you go shopping! I wish there was an answer. I have been bring a big pack of anti bacterial wipes with me every where since Eric can't have the flu shots. BUT I am SO proud of Emmett being potty trained! Way to go, Emmett! (and Mom)