Saturday, October 24, 2009

the halloween costume hunt

I've been thinking about Emmett's halloween costume for weeks.

First of all, what ever happened to home made costumes?
(I'm the clown, my brother is the indian)
Eric's family - he's the thing in the blue shirt - what is that?

Ok, back to business...

Initially the decision was between a rock star and a shark. For a rock star Emmett could just wear his normal clothes and we could spray paint his hair and carry a guitar around. A friend of mine reminded me, Emmett looks like a rock star all the time, it wouldn't really be any different than normal. Hence the spray painted hair! Turns out Eric didn't love the idea either.

So then it was the shark. Specifically the Pottery Barn kids shark. I totally fell in love with this costume, apparently along with the rest of the world. It sells for $59 but for $100+ on ebay. What is with that? Turns out two little details (the price tag, and it's sold out everywhere) kept us from going that route.

So plan C was the darling Tiger costume at Old Navy. I love Old Navy costumes - they are so warm and cozy. Perfect the the MN trick or treater. We called all the Old Navy's in the metro area and could not find this custom either! Big Bummer!

Today we divided and conquered in search of the perfect costume for Emmett. Eisley and I went north, east and south to check out a few random stores and a few consignment stores. Nothing wonderful. Emmett and Eric went south to check out good old Kmart and Toys R Us. They found a darling costume and Emmett is pretty excited. I'll give you a hint - Emmett is very into "wild animals" right now, so the costume is along those lines.

Sweet Sibling Moment Side Note:


MamaBear said...

Us adults ALWAYS do homemade costumes - it's part of the fun of Halloween to come up with a clever and (usually) punny costume. The kids do the warm and snuggly costumes though and for some reason I can't bring myself to put them in ones from previous years. Sam said to me the other day when i asked him what he wanted to be, "I don't know Mama, whatever we have."

Thanks Sam. That helps a lot.

Can't wait to see what wild thing Emmett is going to be!

Amber said...

Yah, whatever did happen to homemade costumes? Maybe that should be my goal for next year... maybe. I am looking forward to dressing our kids up together this year!!!