Monday, October 26, 2009

Pretty incredible

I may be biased, but I think my son is pretty incredible.

Emmett is very thoughtful and always doing things for other people. For example, when Papa and Grandma came over on Friday Emmett asked me to make breakfast for them too. So I put a couple more cups of water in the coffee maker to make sure there was enough for them. I had originally offered to make Emmett flax pancakes for breakfast. He told me cereal was okay, and that Papa and Grandma could have cereal too.

He is very patient with his sister and very rarely uses and sort of aggression towards her.

Sure we have our typical 2 year old melt downs; he embarrasses me in public, screams when he's frustrated, whines when he doesn't get his way and his latest favorite phrase is, "I'm jus a lil bit sadt."

Today, this kid was seriously an angel - and he didn't even get a nap.

This morning, after playing with his train tracks, he put them away without me even having to ask. Keep reading, it gets better!

We went to the dollar store and I told him he could pick out one item - a toy or candy. He chose a bag of lollipops. He then showed me a couple other things he thought were "funny" (including a skeleton head) and I reminded him that he had already picked out the lollipops, but he could get the other item instead. His response, "ok Mom!" He then said, "I need something to drink." He walked over to the cooler and picked out a soda pop. I told him I'd rather he didn't drink a soda pop, but that he could choose a juice. Again, his response..."ok Mom!" Then he was playing with the spray bottles which originally had been hanging off the wire shelving. "Emmett could you please put the bottles back on the shelf." I then walked away and turned around to see Emmett hanging every last bottle back on the shelf. Examples like these could go on and on...

Our next adventure took us to the grocery store. We walk in the door, "I want a driving cart!" "Sorry sweetie, we're not using a driving cart today, we just need to grab a basket" "Ok Mom, I'll get a basket for you, and a basket for me too!" Seriously, this is no joke! He asked me to place our veggies in his basket. "Putting things in my basket makes me happy!" Even when I turned down his request to purchase an ice cream treat, there was not a whine that came out of his mouth. As I was looking for a variety of canned beans, Emmett said, "Let me do it! I want to be a helper!" So I would point to the can I wanted and he would place it in the basket.

Now we're home. For dinner Emmett claims the seat next to Eisley so that he can "help her eat her dinner."

This little boy never ceases to amaze me. Even when he's not such an angel, he still amazes me.

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