Thursday, October 22, 2009

from one thing to the next

Fabulous day at MOPS this morning. All about friendships. I realized that I have some amazing "inner circle" relationships and am also very blessed with some very high quality "influence circle" relationships as well.

We went to the mall to run some errands and to play a bit. Old Navy was pretty much out of Halloween costumes - hopefully we can find the tiger for Emmett at a different Old Navy. Then we went to Von Maur to play with trains - turns out all their trains were stolen (accidentally taken?) so there weren't any trains to play with. Bummer!

So then we made our way to the arcade games (didn't spend a penny... on the arcades anyway) where Emmett had an accident. He hasn't had one in months and this was only his second one in public. He was quite distraught so we immediately went to purchase a new pair of pants and underwear.

We finished off the day at a Senior Recital for my friend and my mom's student, Phebe, at North Central University. The pictures are how we spent most of the night. Yeah, we didn't hear much music. The kids were a little too rambunctious to sit through a beautifully calm concert.

I love this picture. Too bad it's cell phone camera quality!

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Aubrey said...

Hey! I think Emmett is awsome! He went potty so well at Moppets on thursday!!!