Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

My friend, MckMama, started this "Not Me Monday" thing. I always get a kick out of reading hers, so I'm attempting it this week for the first time. My problem is that I totally forget my "not me's" by the time Monday rolls around. We'll give this a try and see how it goes!

I most certainly did not let Eisley rip apart a handful of tampons (don't worry, clean and unused) because I needed to keep her happy while I got ready to go. That is so disgusting, totally gross and inappropriate I most certainly would not justify it to myself by thinking that they are probably cleaner than her toys. Not me!

I was not at all concerned about possibly being pregnant so I definitely did not take 3 pregnancy tests in a 2 week time period just to be sure. And then when I found one in the garbage a week later and I thought I saw a double line, I most certainly did not take another one, just to be sure. I, of course, know that a prego test is invalid after 10 minutes, so the double line I thought I saw, was of course not really positive. I am not that anal! They were of course all negative.


Amanda said...

I found your blog through Hilary's. We live in MN too! Great "Not Me's," I always forget mine by the time Monday gets here too:)

Amber said...

Ha... love it! I have a lot to confess... maybe I'll start doing mot me mondays... ha ha