Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fingerprint Pumpkin Patch

Another cold and rainy day here. Makes me wonder how we'll ever survive the winter, but I guess you just take it a day at a time and make the most out of each moment, and at the end it didn't seem so bad - right? Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself? I honestly think the anticipation of winter (largely) inside with 4 kids is worse than the reality.

Back to our day...

Trains seem to be a part of our daily life around here. I don't really mind, I kinda like building the tracks.

Today we also did Fingerprint Pumpkin Patch artwork. It was totally fun.

It took a little trial and error; my finger prints were a good size for a pumpkin but the kids' finger prints were a bit small, so then we went to palm prints. That worked out great. The kids were totally getting my vision. See Emmett's fabulous little pumpkin patch?

However, being the individual, independent, artistic thinker that he is, he has his own vision. And that was to "hide" the pumpkins.

I fought it initially, but then just went with it. I mean really, was my goal to have a perfect little pumpkin patch or was it for the kids to have fun (and waste time). It was the latter which ended up working out quite well, because the clean-up was also quite time consuming, oh and the kids had a blast.

Here are the finished products. I was thrilled that my nanny girl totally got my vision. I think hers turned out totally cute (artwork on the right). Mine is in the middle and Emmett's on the left (in case you couldn't have figured that out on your own).

I even let Eisley join in the fun.

Which reminds me of some pumpkin artwork we did a year which also didn't turn out quite as expected (see Emmett's distraught face). I should be getting used to this by now.

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Amber said...

Cute Idea! I was laughing at Emmett's "hidden" pumpkin patch... so funny! And I can't believe Eisley is almost a year old... I forgot you did the super cute pumpkin belly last year!