Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday morning ramblings

Another early morning (husband woke me at 3:30, Eisley woke me at 4:30, Emmett woke me for good at 5:30), but I really can't complain when my kids (and husband) are so cute and joyful in the morning.

As I watch Emmett do Wii fencing, I thought I'd write some of my latest thoughts.

Eisley is finally playing with toys. I swear for the last (almost) 15 months all she's wanted to do is follow me around, or even better, be carried around. Right now she is playing with a Little People school bus. One of her all time favorite toys is that thing where the animals pop out when you push the button or slide the lever. It's a classic, do you know which I'm talking about? She can only get one of the animals open, but it seems to occupy her curiosity just fine.

Last night, after dinner, without being asked, Emmett cleared all of our plates and brought them to the kitchen. Things like this just make my heart happy. That he has such a servant's heart (at this moment at least) that he would even think to clear any plates, let alone ALL the plates. This kid is pretty amazing!

I've had great pregnancies. I LOVE being pregnant. I try not to complain, but cause I love being pregnant so much. That being said, I think, after this morning, I can officially say, I'm sicker this pregnancy than with any of the others. Saying that isn't saying much though. This morning, I gagged (dry heaved - what horribly yucky words) for the 3rd time the entire pregnancy. So, I really don't much much to complain about! I know many (most?) people put up with much worse!

Eisley LOVES to sit on the toilet or potty chair. It's the cutest thing cause when she's in Eric's bathroom, she points to the bookshelf and says, "a book." I oblige of course, and she sits there flipping through the book while she sits on the toilet. She doesn't doesn't like to be read to, but if she's in charge of the page turning and book holding, she's perfectly happy.

Speaking of books, Eisley got a new book at the book fair, Little Miss Star. I started reading it and didn't finish it. I'm dying to know how it ends. Seriously I am! I'm waiting to find out how she ends up being a star. That is what I'm going to do next, read that book. Off I go to reading! Have a fabulous day!

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Randi said...

Wow! Emmett cleared the dishes? What a sweet boy. :)

It's funny that Eisley just wants to follow you around. Selah does the same thing. She's my little shadow, only she constantly says, "no, no, no, no, no" until I pick her up. :)