Friday, February 5, 2010

Freshly fallen snow

The morning started off long. But I made up for it by packing our morning full of fun activities. After all, we had a beautiful coating of freshly fallen snow and temps in the 20s. Doesn't that just inspire a fun day!? By noon, I thought for sure I had worn the kids out enough to ensure I'd get to rest while the kids rested. I was wrong, one little girl, who shall remain nameless decided her little 14 month old body does not need to rest, therefore I did not get a rest. That's ok though, I survived. However, Eric can attest to the fact that I was not very pleasant to be around come sundown.

Anyway, here is a photographic synopsis of our fun activities!

There is nothing like freshly fallen snow that just calls to be PLAYED WITH.

Freshly fallen snow is meant to be EATEN!
Does anyone out there think there's a problem with eating CLEAN freshly fallen snow? I didn't even think twice about it until Eric asked me if it was safe. Then of course I had to google it and I found conflicting opinions. How sad would it be if freshly fallen snow is not safe!? Well, hopefully it is, since we had alot of fun eating it!

And of course, freshly fallen snow is meant to be PLAYED IN!


Kristi said...

Cute!!!! I would not worry about the snow being safe or not. I'm sure it's a-okay! :-)

Buck said...

I've heard that even "clean" snow is not clean - but I sort of recall it had more to do with air pollutants and such than, say, dirt. I guess you never know what kind of small critters ran through without you knowing... So as I write this I imagine a a bunny hops through, poops, and then hops away and then a layer of snow covers it and appears clean when it isn't.


Sorry you asked?

Seriously though, I'm sure it's fine and I'm sure kids ingest a lot worse in everyday life!

Amber said...

Eat the snow... we used to eat it all the time as kids... and look at us!

Ok... well, maybe snow isn't safe. Just kidding.

I wouldn't worry about it... they eat the snow when they play in it... and that snow is played in and dirty... so yah.

Oh and I love the pictures! I miss snow... I really really miss snow!

Chloe said...

Oh the question about snow makes me laugh! I just started reading the book Free-Range Kids: Giving Our kids the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry by Lenore Skenazy. Get yourself on the waiting list at the library. It is a stirring read. And eat the snow!