Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creative Kids Stuff

(free) Saturday outting to the toy store, Creative Kids Stuff. The kids played and we followed them around repairing the damage.

One of Emmett's favorite was this Ezy Roller. You move it by wiggling the handle bar back and forth and that is also how you steer. Emmett seriously jumped on it and rode all around the whole store. It was almost funny how well he was able to control it - it didn't look like it would have been very easy.
Eisley spent her time trying to open toys...
Or objecting when we tried to stop her.
It was a fun morning out with the family!

Also, tonight was our first couples Bible Study. Eric and I both enjoyed it. Emmett got a special treat by hanging out alone with Nana since Eisley was already in bed.

Cute little Emmett saying of the day:
Eric asked, "Emmett, who is the most beautiful person you know?"
Emmett said, "Mommy."
"Who is the second most beautiful person you know?"
"Ummmm, Nana and Eisley."

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