Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Eisley's never been much of a doll girl. She's more of a wrestling, roaring like a lion, doing whatever Mommy's doing, never sitting still sort of a girl. I've tried buying her little dolls, bigger dolls, cloth dolls, plastic dolls, brown dolls and white dolls. She doesn't seem too impressed. However, today things may have changed. Eisley met a real life baby today. We went to my friend, Hilary's house and played with her baby Raven and son Issac. Eisley was totally intrigued by Raven. It was darling. She was gentle and loving and didn't take her eyes off the little sweetheart.

So I should not have been surprising that this evening the kids played with "bebes" all night. Putting the babies to sleep, holding the babies, and mostly strolling the babies around the hall at breakneck speeds. Eisley likes to push the stroller backwards while saying, "bebe...bebe...bebe..." It's just darling!


citydweller said...

Not too soon since there will be a real baby at her house in the near future. (to us it is still half her life away) I wish I could have seen her!

Hilary said...

Thanks again for coming over! It was a lot of fun and I still can't get over how cute Emmett was in that dino costume!!
I'm glad the benadryl helped with the cats. You never ended up getting drowsy, did you?