Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chromatography and Dressing up

At the Science Museum yesterday we did a little chromatography experiment/craft. Basically separating colors of a marker by dripping water onto a special paper. We attempted to recreate it using a coffee filter and markers. Not sure what the Science Museum's trick was, but our chromatography didn't work very well. We had fun trying though! I just googled "simple chromatography experiment" and THIS link came up. Maybe we should try this next time.
Eisley loves dressing up - if you can call it that. One pair of her brother's underwear covered by a pair of bloomers paired with a chef's hat. She wore around one of my shirts as well for most of the morning. We'll have to get her some real dress up clothes - however, they probably won't be as fun as whatever is lying on the top of the laundry pile!

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