Saturday, February 27, 2010

Piggy Banks!

Today we got to hang out with a long time friend, Jeanie. She was one of my mom's music students way back in the day and she's remained friends with our family. Jeanie was an important part of my childhood - just a few of the fun memories we have together was how she would let me drive her rental cars (sshhh, don't tell), she and I threw my mom her 40th bday party and she took my brother and I to Chicago, and picked us up from the airport in a limo! So as you can see, having Jeanie in my children's lives is such a special gift. And speaking of gifts, she always comes with her hands overflowing in generosity.

Jeanie gave the kids their first piggy banks! I've been wanting to start savings accounts (and also to practice spend/tithe/save) for both kids and this is the PERFECT starting point. And putting all educational stuff aside, how fun is it to put money inside a piggy?

Here's a group picture: Eisley, Eric, Jeanie, Me, Emmett, Belva (Jeanie's mom).
Belva asked Emmett, "Can I be your Grandma today?" Emmett said, "No, I already have a Grandma, Grandma Cyndi." So sweet.

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