Monday, February 1, 2010


A few thoughts about spaghetti.

Eating spaghetti is a little less tame when Daddy's not home.
Is there anything cuter than a kid eathing spaghetti, with out a shirt on?
Well, maybe a kid eating spaghetti with his shirt on backwards and inside out to avoid visible stains. Oh and Emmett informed me the green peppers make you into Green Lantern and the red sauce into Superman. Awesome!
Eating spaghetti is so much more fun when you pretend they are a family of worms.
Why wouldn't you invite a giraffe to tromp around in your spaghetti?
Spaghetti is just made to drop on the floor...
...and then the key is to look perfectly clueless when scolded.

I bet our dining room floor is dirtier than yours!


Amber said...

Oh spaghetti... I love it... but it makes me crazy because it is SO messy! :) Oh and just fyi... you wrote giragge instead of giraffe, unless you meant to write giragge... then ignore this comment.

Anonymous said...

Love his Target robot shirt inside out!!!

Randi said...

Eisley's little necklace is so cute. :)