Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sippy cup rant and rave

This is NOT ok, and this is why (well, one of the reasons) I prefer Playtex sippy cups over Gerber ones.

If you dare, continue reading for my Sippy Cup Rant and Rave.

Gerber sippy cups only have one point where the valve attached which leads to the valve falling out which totally defeats the purpose of a sippy cup. False security! See how the valve is floating in the milk? Not good.
The Playtex cups have two points where the valve attaches. I have yet to experience an escapee Playtex valve.

Another shortfalling (in my opinion) of the Gerber cups are that the handles are attached to the cup not the lid) so when tightened the mouth piece and handles are often misaligned. See below. I'm sure the kids don't mind one bit, but it kinda bugs me.

On the Playtex cups, the handles are attached to the mouth pieces so they are always aligned.
As you can see above, the Playtex handles point down while the Gerber ones point up (but are mostly enclosed). The reason I prefer the Playtex is because they fit inside the bottle spaces that most diaper bags have.

My experience is only with the Gerber 6 oz spill proof cup, Playtex First Sipster, and the Playtex Insulator.

My all time favorite cup, which I'm afraid is being discontinued are the Playtex Insulator, as seen in this picture:

This is the new style which I don't like as much.
Although the new style is BPA free, which is great, they leak. At least the last batch I bought leaked. Also, I like the sleeker, simpler design of the old style. I also like that they MATCH. I'm all about my cups matching cause the if I lose one, I know which set I've lost. Me and losing things, that's a whole 'nother post. Anyway, these mismatched ones drive me bonkers. That's weird isn't it? Oh well! I gave the few I bought to my mom. You really can't have some matching and some mismatching cups in your collection. That just makes them all mismatched!

What are YOUR favorite sippy cups and why?


Amanda said...

I have the same problem with Gerber, Playtex is all we buy. I haven't tried the new insulator, but I like the old ones. We're due for a new batch of sippy cups soon, mismatched lids drive me crazy:)

Kristi said...

We like Born Free cups here! I like them because they work well (no leaks!). They match. I can mindlessly reach into the bin and grab the parts and they all go together. I have 3 yellow cups, 1 blue and 1 orange. Basic but I like them. What I don't like is the price.

Carianne said...

These cups are awesome they really don't leak and my son was able to figure them out really quick.Also make mommy to go cups :)