Monday, February 22, 2010

Morphing Crafts

Our crafts rarely turn out the way they are planned, but nevertheless morph into something that the kids enjoy doing. So, I continue to introduce fun activities to the kids in hopes that eventually, along the way, we will have some laughs, some smiles and some photos (of course)!

Today started out with straws, paper plates, balloons and tape. We (I) made little rackets to catch/swat the balloons with.
Emmett had fun swatting, catching and batting the balloon. My nanny girl (almost 3) wasn't into it. Not sure if it's the age, gender, personality or what. I often feel like Emmett and I are on the "this would be fun" wave length. As he usually enjoys and "gets" the activities that we do. My poor little nanny girl must be on a different wave length somewhere that I have yet to tap into. Don't worry, I'll keep trying!!!
The straws did not serve as very strong handles, as you can imagine, so when all of our rackets had broken we moved to another activity with the paper plates.

I thought we could put numbers on the back of the paper plates and stickers that coordinated with the numbers. Then we could scatter the plates all around and put them in the right order (we never actually made it to my grand idea). I enlisted Emmett to trace my over my yellow numbers, because I needed "help" making them darker.
As I could have never predicted, this number tracing became the favorite activity of the morning. Emmett kept asking for more and more numbers to trace. So the yellow paper you are seeing in the pictures below was after he had already traced 1-21 and was now working his way up to 33. Later in the morning he asked to continue doing numbers, but this time quickly lost interest and decided to draw "avatar" and "a normal avatar" instead.
For all you dying with curiosity over what a 3-year-old's "avatar" could possibly look like, here you go:
The "normal avatar"

And, as is pretty typical for our craft time, Eisley was happily playing on the floor with stacking cups (after she got tired of playing with stickers at the table with us).


JFK said...

I love these pictures. Each person has their own interests and activities. Avatar and avatar normal remind me of how very much I have to learn!

JFK said...

Great idea - having Emmett make the numbers darker on the paper with his darker pen. Great teacher, you are!