Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wild Animals

Yes, my son likes super heros, legos and dinosaurs. I'd even say he loves trains and Diego. And I've even go as far as to say he adores anything rock star. But there is not quite anything that compares, in the life of this 3 year old, to WILD ANIMALS (yes they have to be wild, dogs and cats just don't cut it. Even farm animals like horses and cows don't quite get the same reaction)! He LOVES wild animals. He talks about them all the time. He adores his Schleich wild animals and can often be found playing with these animals in his playdoh, in a bowl of rice, or on his legos. The night light pictured below from Nana and Grandpa along with a wild animal book (which is what he's reading in the photo below) from Grandma and Papa were a few of his favorites.
So, when I found jammies on 70% off at Kohls tonight, I called Emmett and asked him if he wanted dinosaur super hero jammies, gorilla with headphone jammies or monster jammies. He requested super hero jammies. After one last perusal through the fabulously priced jams, I spotted some arctic animal jammies so I grabbed those too. I should not have been surprised that when I got home, he didn't care one bit for the super hero jammies, he immediately asked to "look at his wild animal jammies."

So here is a picture of my sweet little wild animal lover in his arctic wild animals p-jayjays.

Reading his wild animals book with animal facts and animals noises.
And final fast asleep. I could gaze at this sleeping babe for hours. And sometimes I do which is why I'm sitting in his room catching up on my blogs. I love his company. I just can't get enough.


Laura said...

He is so precious! I can sit and watch my kids sleep forever too, it's so perfect! Glad he liked his jammies, will you be able to get them off!? :)

citydweller said...

I love this wild animal phase!